“Slip with Paper Jewels”

27” x 48” x 10”
HMP, copy paper, thread

This piece was modeled after my Mom’s wedding slip which I own. I made photocopies of her jewelry –  wedding rings, medals, lockets, etc. and affixed them between 2 layers of very thin handmade paper.

"Fannies Furs"

26” x 50” x 9”
Digital on archival paper, HMP, thread

The original photograph of my paternal grandmother was the inspiration for this paper coat. I knew she was fashionable with the raccoon stole so I interpreted this into a raccoon coat.

“Altar Boy Tee Shirt with Leaves”

14” x 23” x 3”
Digital on HMP, thread

Inspired by nature walks in the woods with Dad

“Pearl Presence / Three Aunts”

22” x 50” x 7”
Digital on archival paper, pearls, wire, thread

Inspired by 3 photographs of my aunts who were very youthful and adventurous.  Pearls were popular and significant at the time.

“Fannie and Friends with Butterflies”

26” x 50” x 9”
Digital on archival paper, HMP, thread

Inspired by my paternal grandmother who enjoyed collecting butterflies.

"Bridesmaid Tale”

28” x 70” x 11”
Digital on HMP, wire, tulle, thread

“Bridesmaids Tale” is inspired by a photo of my mother as a bridesmaid. I was struck by her poise and pride.

“Self / Youthful Persona”

36” x 32” x 16”
Digital on archival copy paper, rag paper, wire, thread

Inspired by my love and interest in birds since I was young